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As it states, I am a hobby artist who enjoys Magicians and their assitants as subject matter. I do other art in the for of sculpting from time to time.

As a hobby gamer I play and paint miniatures. As well as several Card games, It's fun to play face to face when ever I can.

For now my goals may be as simple as getting to draw and post weekly, the good, bad, and stupid.
Ok, so touchy subject but one I wanted to address for a while. So if nothing else this is for me. The hope is an open dialogue, even one side to air thoughts might help myself and others. 

So how does one go about sharing an interest, especially one as intimate as a fetish? An interest that is tied to desire, to intimacy, to arousal, to sex? How does one not get abused, shamed, or overwhelmed by other? All tuff questions even if you have good self esteem, boundary control, Ect. I don't belive there is a specific right answer either, only shades of better or worse. 

I've honestly had difficulties deciding how to share, what to share and with whom.  More often than not I was overly worried that I would hurt those I shared with. Stepping  on feelings that are tied to all sorts of experiences, other feelings and at times self esteem, and self image. The second thoughts were always about what others would think if they knew. Both are great examples of not trusting my self and those I chose as friends.  I found out, I've found some great friends, so thank you. 

So what do I want to share? That was probably the first place I needed to start. I had an interest in magic, assistants, and found that a woman in an illusion was a turn on. "Who do you talk with about an interest like that?" Was one of my first thoughts. So I came to the Internet. The thing is you don't have to share any thing. You can share it "all" as well. That is an individual choice. One that I personally found hard. I think that is where over all social media can overwhelm us as we get contacted by others, asking, wanting, demanding to be shown more. It's hard to know where you stand in that, and harder to stand up to it. So I took the time for my self to decide were I stood on an issue. One of my first rules is a long chat to get to know others. Second is to never do( RP,draw, chat,Ect. ) things that who ever I interact with finds uncomfortable. That included my self. 

Naked in a room of strangers... How are you supposed to act? Well that sums up my first time posting in a group, again when I started posting art, and again in a role play. I no longer belive there was a right or wrong way to act specifically. That the interactions are like those we encounter most days, we make our best judgments on how to interact and do so. We'll encounter people we like, ones we don't and often life moves on. Here (online) it's a little harder to avoid those who we don't like or want to interact with,hence felling naked at times, so personal boundaries are the best. Delete or block un wanted interactions and move on to the ones you do want has been the most rewarding situation for me. Now if IRL could be so kind at times... 

So how does this all tie into sharing? Be mindful of you self and your feelings. Find some personal boundaries you are ok with. Understand not all interactions are rewarding, so seek out the ones you want, delete the ones that drag you down. I guess the last part is about the net, treat your interactions with the same thought and consideration you would in person. I know I enjoy the opportunity so share chat and interact with others that this has allowed.

I know this is for my self, if you find it useful that's a bonus. To be honest it's a bit like my art, it about me, my interests, those limits that I want to explore. I'm Sharing this is because this is a topic I would enjoy conversing about more if the interest is there. 

I appreciat any one who takes the time to read this,just as I appreciate those who look at my art. Thank you.

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